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I have heard this expression numerous times and never thought to apply this to myself. Most of my life, I did not truly believe that the Universe really does bring to reality what I desired. I always felt I had to be in control of every aspect of my life. I could not deal with the idea of just letting things happen…

The result of my need to control:
1. Failing marriage
2. Loss of passion for life
3. Loss of motivation at work
4. Mountains of emotional baggage I’ve carried around.

I eventually broke down and allowed myself to purge all negative experiences, mindset, and perception. It was a very painful and harrowing yet at the end, I felt so much more lighter when I finally said to myself, “Let go and Let God…” With that statement, I truly surrendered myself to what the Universe has in store for me.

Well, I’ve been amazed at the past few days and how by simply shifting myself from the need to control to being at peace with myself, so much more love, compassion, and good has entered my life! I also learned that things happen and the difference between it being a negative or positive experience is in how I respond to it.

I am thankful daily for this important lesson!

Peace be with you all…