A Very Moving Essay….We Do Have a Choice in Living!

Sapere Aude

Sometimes, in a person’s life, comes a moment when frustration becomes too much. Trapped in inertia, unable to move, they struggle, look around for ideas, options or help, and find none. Repressed anger remains unexpressed, pushed away and ignored. Depression and ennui creep into the psyche, but hope remains for a time. They keep looking for solutions, for choices, and keep anticipating that the end to their battle will come.

But what if the end doesn’t come and clutching to hope becomes just another shard ripping at the soul? When do the white-hot fingers clenching to the precipice finally relax, slip away and let the slackened body fall backwards into the dim chasm? When do the eyes close and welcome oblivion? What happens when a soul dies?

A soul death is experienced when one breaches the darkest recess of their being, when they find their self falling directionless in a…

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